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    Has anyone had a labiaplasty with a local anaesthetic? I was wondering how it was. I would be having a reduction of the labia minora only. Don’t know whether to have a general or local anaesthetic


    Hey Jess!
    I was adamant about having a local anaesthetic from the get go because I was so scared to go under general. My surgeon was Dr Ibraheim and he suggested general for better results and comfort. He told me with local the result my not be as ‘neat’ as they inject the area to be operated on which makes it swell more. My PC also said she wished she had gone for general. After a lot of reassurance that I would not die (I was really scared) I agreed to go under general. I cried right before but it was absolutely painless and fine. They gave me something to make me calm and started chatting to me and then I was out. I felt like I woke up a minute later, I was groggy but all done! They gave me anti sickness stuff too because I was scared I’d throw up. I felt drowsy but fine and woke up starving! I don’t know if you’re considering local because you’re scared of general but I thought I’d give you my experience anyway because I never thought I could handle a general but I did! X


    I’m having a BA on 19th July but I’m so scared about the general anaesthetic, I’m the same as you sound, I’m just so worried I won’t wake up ???? as silly as it sounds! X

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