Mr. Chantarasak – friend had C I hope to go D… and op booked 10 days after Aiiikkks Started by: serenaw

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    im going to have him in march.. can i ask what size ur friend was before her surgery? xx

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    Hi Roxy1989,
    she had a small A before, very small..!!! Mr Chantarasak likes the natural look and he gave her some options and she tried them and decided for the implant that wasnt going to give her the fake look. Mr. Chantarasak is really professionel and we both liked his straightforward ways.
    Do you have your date booked? What size are you going for??
    I am seeing him tomorrow!!!!!!
    Good luck you are in good hands


    yeah march 23rd, i want to be full c/small d , mr chantarasak gave me 280, 300 and 340 , and i chose 300cc… not sure if they r a tad small, i want the natural look… and he said i dnt have much breast tissue so they r going to go under the muscle…
    so i have another consultation booked with him, just so i can make sure its the size i want … just undecided

    let me knw how ur surgery goes :) xxx

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    I had my ba with mr chantarasak tue 12 and he is amazing. I had 380 overs and have a 1 yr old baby and am coping well. he is the boobie god. Read my story ba with Mr Chantarasak.

    lexi xx

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    I am so excited that i think i will explode..
    I have been waiting for this soo long. Here is the story, my friend and i was meant to have our boobs done together a year ago. My bloody finance did no come throgh *long story* but now I have managed to get credit card and its my turn!!! I had my heart set on surgeon Mr. chantarasak with mya and he is booby god and i have been so upset and jelous for a year (but happy for my friend of course :))) since my friend had done with him.
    I was actually ready to have it done last month when i had card through and called mya but i was told that mr.chantarasak was not back operating until january. Was offered another surgeon which im sure is good but i rather wait for mr Chanatrask as he gave my friend a perfect C cup and i think it was 340cc implant… Thats what i want but will probably ask for a D as he aparently likes the natural look and if he can give me a natural D i will be over the moon.. I have to go a little bit biger than her lol.
    I have consult this Saturday and my op is booked for 10 days after!!!!!!
    Has anybody else had mr chantarasak??

    Serena x x x

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