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    I’m 9 weeks post op and my scars are still fairly visible but they are fading, who ever u go with you’ll have some amount of scarring but it sits in the crease of ur boob so barely noticible unless u lean back!!!and thr boobs you’ll have will be worth it!!the scars are only about 4cm xxxx


    Dr Chantarasak is the surgeon Im having hun and he is known for his tiny scars!! My pc said his past patients have hardly got scars and they are so small and neat!! xx

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    Hi i am ment to be having my BA with M r Singh and ive been doing some research on him and found quite a few girls saying there unhappy with there scars eg huge or bumpy …has anyone had a BA with him and how do you scars look? i dont wanna go through with it and be unhappy at the end because of my scars.. ive also heard alot of good reviews on him im so confused thanks

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