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    Morning ladies 🙂

    I can’t believe my day is done and dusted, I absolutely loved my experience with Dr Singh and actually really enjoyed my day at Highgate yesterday.

    previosuly as you may know I had 415 HP Responsive under implants, and had many troubles with the placement off them ; they didn’t drop or take any form of a boob shape, my clevevage gap wasn’t even a finger space and they just looked awful. I took many trips back to see my original surgeon who just kept telling me to be patient, or have children to speed up the process!!! Being 21 I couldn’t believe the responses I was getting, I was so disappointment that I wasn’t getting any help. 1 year and 2 months later MYA referred me to DR Singh for some advise and he was happy to do a re op for me to fix the issue and get me the boobies I wanted. I honestly couldn’t be any more grateful to him and MYA for the understanding and support.

    Anyway, yesterday was my fabulous boobie day and so far I feel fantastic I can’t believe it, I’ve not yet taken any pain killers, I’m not bloated, I have great movement and I don’t feel sick 🙂 I feel so lucky! I hope it stays this way as I know day 2&3 are usually the worst ah!

    So I arrived at Highgate at 9-15 and not long after at 930 I was checked into my room number 207 where my nurse for the day, Una, who I must say was so pleasant and gentle, ran through what would be happening today. I gave a urine sample and made myself at home. Around 1030 she came back to do my temperature and blood pressure and provided me with my nursing gown, socks and sexy paper nickers 🙂 haha. I got changed and relax with my magazines and TV. Completely chilled almost forgetting where I was for a second I was that relaxed 🙂 Dr Singh came in, and was so funny with his light hearted humour, he really did make the day feel alot less scary. He came in and discussed what he was going to do, and we decided to operate to release the muscle and increase the pocket size so it sits naturally with some side boob and increase the size and implant to soft tuch. Originally he thought he would take me over but as previously I had been given such advice not to as I’d ‘100% get rippling’ he didn’t want to take that risk knowing I’d been given such fear of it. Later on around 12 my annesistiest came in to discuss putting me to sleep where I admit my heart started to go wild but he was very reassuring. 1230 in came the guy who was supporting In Theatre and he took me down ahh we walked through a few hall ways down a lift and there was that little room. I laid on the bed and they started putting things on my ears and shoulders and without evening knowing it the needle went in… they started asking me questions about work holidays and I was gone I honestly don’t even remember a thing.. I got this cold feeling in my body that was it. So please girls don’t panic about this part 🙂 1 and a half hours later I woke up in recovery where I was shivering like crazy, but that’s normal. And the nurse in there explained all went well and showed me my old implants 🙂 ew lol !! I was soon wheeled to my room on my bed where my mum and cousin where nervously waiting for me and I had a little nap. I was woken to so yummy jam on toast and a cup of tea and I relaxed the rest of day in bed. Around 430 the nurse came back in to check on me and gave me a menu for dinner, steak and veg with harg ice cream, couldn’t believe my luck my favourite haha. Dinner came in shortly after and it was so good !! Dr Singh came in to check on me and explain how it all went, he said the muscle hadn’t been separated properly or enough for my implant so he has increased this along with the e implant size and he’s happy with his work. I was all strapped up so I can’t really tell yet but I feel alot happier and from what I can gather they look alot more boobie already so….next Wednesday my one week and I can’t wait to see his magic :):)

    All in all I’ve had a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful for his help and just trying to enjoy the recovery process now.. Milking it with mum as much as possible it’s great lol 🙂

    Good luck to anyone going ahead soon and anyone question Dr Singh I cannot recommended him enough!

    Yay fingers crossed I’m finally on the good side of the boobie club wooooo xxxx

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    Fab news, lets hope that this is all behind you now and you’ll have the boobies you should have got before. What size implant did you go for in the end? xx

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    Thanks hunny 🙂 Because we stayed under biggest was 445 but I’m happy with that 🙂 just so happy I’ve got it sorted xx


    Glad all went well hunni and what a lovely and reassuring story. Hope my day goes as well as yours did : )

    Enjoy your week of recovery xx

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    Congrats hun. Happy for you that all went well. Hope u have a pain free recovery. X


    Hello Ladies,

    I was a client of Mr Singh’s at Highgate 8 years ago and I’m desperate to get hold of him. He was absolutely amazing and did an amazing job FYI.

    I cannot find a means of contacting him at all, neither Highgate hospital or Mya will get a message to him for me.

    Please help!!

    Kind Regards,


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