Nipples!???? Started by: heather09treva

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  • sophia

    thats what i thought, but they look fine!

    youll have to ask your surgeon the 2nd question, he’ll let you know ! its different for everyone

    jojo 1


    i had my op 12th Oct and i still cant feel mine. It can take months for feeling to come back. I get the occassional stinging sensation on them.

    Dont worry about it, its just the healing process


    They get slightly bigger but not majorly :) mine porb aren’t even a cm bigger!but like joj said they are just very sensitive for a while!xxx


    Hi peeps,

    Gnaa sound silly bt will my nipples be out of proportion? mine small and dnt want them lukin funi?
    wv big boobs.
    also bein a small 32b wats the biggest i can go? iv gtta have unders btw xxx

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