One of my scars hurts so badly… anyone else experienced this?? Started by: Rhianne

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  • Rhianne 3

    Hiya! I am now 4 weeks PO.
    I never had a problem up until around a week/week and half a go where my left scar is so painful!!!
    Almost as though something is sticking in it and there’s nothing there for it to be that!
    I’m still wearing my Macom bra, I cannot change to any other bra because they feel so uncomfortable and are putting much more strain on my scars.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Is it fairly normal?

    Thanks 🙂

    Rae 5

    I had really painful stabbing/shooting pain in my left incisions for 2/3 weeks post op! It’s just your muscles repairing and stretching and healing. One day you’ll wake up and it’ll be better!?

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