Petite frame so stuck on what size to go, pictures of 275/300/325 cc Started by: Katy Imiela

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    I’ve recently booked my surgery with another company, I am at 5 ft 3, 8 stone 1 and bra aize 32B. I said to my surgeon i wanted to be a D/DD and she has recommended 325/350cc whichever looks best on the day. However, since coming home I’ve seen most girls go from a B to a E with 350 I just wouldn’t suit being that big. I really love the look i’ve seen from 275 but i’m so worried i’m going to regret my decision when it’s in. Has anyone got any photos with the same stats and results from any of these CCs!

    Natasha 27

    Hi, I’m 5ft 2 and 8 stone. I got 350cc after originally being offered 250~325. I’m really petite but they don’t look too big at all. I was an A before and I’m measuring a DD 3 weeks post surgery but I know this is going to drop to a D. Also you always measure bigger than you actually look

    Lizzie 15

    Hey, I’m pretty much the same stats as you and my surgery is in October, I’m also currently a 32/34 B. I’ve been offered 255cc and 295cc moderate plus profile overs. I think I’m actually going to go with the 255cc as I don’t want to be massive at all I just want more than what I have now! I’m petite with a bit of an athletic build and I just think regardless of what I go for they will still be bigger. I’m thinking I’ll probably come out about a D after it. All the pics I see on here of 300cc look massive to me so I think I’ll be happy with the 255s!

    Ella 3

    I’m 5”3 and around 8st4 was a 32A and now a 32D after having 275cc!
    I was torn between 275cc & 300cc as well! 😊

    Rc 8

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    Hi, I’m 5 ft7, 8st4, had 32a( didn’t even fill the cup) I got 350cc and now a size 34d, they don’t look silly and look like they are actually the perfect size for my frame x

    Louise 3

    I am 5fr1 about 81/2 stone I was a small 32A bra I am now 2weeks post op and had 450 cc u see the muscle and they look good c

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