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    Hello Ladies,

    We have a wonderful Pre-Operative Information animation that is available to our patients. This is a 6 minute video that sits alongside our terms and conditions that helps you understand our pre-op instructions in a user-friendly way. The video is viewable on the below link for your information.

    Or, it is available in the App once you’ve attended your initial consultation. It can be found under ‘Action Plan’ under ‘Pre-Operative Information Video’.

    For any further information or questions regarding the contents of the animation, please contact your MYA PC.

    Love MYA Mod x

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    Jeni -2

    Hello,I have already had a breast enlargement to a 34DD and I’m booked in for a consultation to have them made bigger, what’s the biggest sized Implant they do at mya?


    Hi all, I’ve got my surgery booked for the 13th January in Preston. I’m wondering about the wait for surgery. It says on the letter could be a wait if uo to 6 hours. Do they give you your room when you get there or are we just sat in a waiting room for hours? Also I’m staying over night does anyone know what time visitors get kicked out?
    What did everyone pack?
    So many questions…sorry x


    I’ve just booked my surgery for 29th jan… they said it would be an overnight job but I don’t know exactly what time my surgery is yet. if my boyfriend needs to stay what hotel can he stay in? Xx

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