pregnant 4weeks after BA!!!! Started by: myaamy

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    wow christine congratulations!

    Maybe your boobs will settle in a bit before the hormone changes make your boobs bigger! I was about 9 weeks when my boobs started going sore and started to grow.

    Give your clinic a ring and ask them for advise to reassure you.

    Such exciting news!

    x x


    awww congrats Christine! im so pleased for you!

    I would recommend talking to your clinic and just see what they would advise?

    x x


    hi everyone,

    I really need some help and advise :sad:.

    I had my BA done about 4weeks ago and everything went great but i have now just found out that i am pregnant!!!! i dont know what will happen so close after my BA, i do kinda think ive just wasted a whole lot of money, as this wasnt a planned pregnancy. though both me and my partner are very happy and excited about now expecting are first child, its just a concern on how it will affect my new boobs only 4weeks after BA!!!

    Any Help or advised??

    Christine x

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