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    Hi girls. I’ve got my preop on wed at Nottingham. Just wondering what to expect? I know they have to swab u for mrsa before going in hospital but what else? Do I need to take anything? I haven’t really been told anything xx


    hiya hun, the nurse will take an mrsa swab, weigh you and check ur blood pressure, and tell you a bit of what too expect on ur surgery day x


    Not long now Charlotte! Eeeek exciting! Xx

    Abbie 1

    they take blood, swab up your nose and under your armpit. weight you, and measure you and take blood pressure. they will make sure you know whats involved when going for your opp, and explain the after care. MYA’s nurses are s helpful. 🙂 good luck! xx


    I know Sam! It’s coming round so fast! We will soon be booby buddies haha thanks girls, nothing to worry about or prepare for then lol xx

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