Removal of 460cc, uplift and 275cc Started by: Lorraine Hays

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    I had a 460cc implants for 13yrs, measured 30/32FF. As I’ve got older I wouldn’t to go smaller.. around a D/DD. I went to see surgeon, told him I wanted to go smaller, we agreed on 275cc HP. I am now nearly 8wpo and measuring 30G! I’m devastated!
    I’m booked into see the surgeon again next week. Has anyone else been in this situation? Or really not have got want you asked for? What has been the outcome?
    I’ve got back over the notes I’ve signed with the surgeon, they all say… discussed reduction in size!


    Gosh how can that happen if you had smaller implants? Sorry I’m not much help but could they still be a bit swollen from surgery? Oh dear so sorry x hope the appointment with the surgeon is useful
    Have they at least been lifted?


    Hey Lorraine sorry I cant help either but can’t believe you have gone up rather then down especially with you having a lift and a smaller implant put in it just doesn’t make sense I’m slightly confused 🙈xx

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