Running a half marathon 5W5DPO Started by: Leanne Reddish

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    I signed up to the Cardiff Half Marathon months ago for this Sunday. I started running just over 4 weeks post op and they felt fine. But a few people are telling me not to run the half marathon as it’s too early. Can I pleeeease have some advice and opinions as to what you guys think!? Should I wait or should I do it if I think I’m okay? My healing couldn’t be going any better!

    Lis212 17

    I’m not sure I would to be honest. I mean I love running but I’ve been advised to wait 6-8 before even trying After mine x


    There’s no way I would have been ok to run at all at 5 weeks but if you’ve already done some & felt ok then just make sure they are tightly held … Could call your surgeon & ask their opinion

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