Rupture or Capsular contracture?! Started by: Jodie Lomax

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    Hi all – new to the forum! Looking for some help from someone who is a number of years post op if possible?
    I had 365cc Nagor Enhance implants done in Oct 2010. Everything has been fine but the last few months the left breast has felt “odd”…not painful but just not right. Anyway, in the past week it has swollen up quite a lot. Feels hard around the top of the boob and feels very heavy particularly without a bra…feels like I am carrying a bag of sugar on my boob! Been to see my GP this morning who suspects rupture and has got me an emergency appt at the breast clinic at 7am tomorrow. From research though, I had suspected CC….wondering if anyone else has experiences anything similar a number of years post op? Also cannot work out my ‘warranty’ – Nagor Warranty Programme states

    Lifetime Warranty against rupture of the implant or severe capsular contracture:
    “In the event of internal rupture of the implant due to loss of shell integrity.
    “In the event of severe capsular contracture. Nagor Enhance arrange will replace free of charge the qualified Nagor implant of the patient.

    I assume this just means they will replace the implant, which frankly is neither use nor ornament if MYA do not cover the cost of the surgery?!

    So upset and worried – any advice greatly appreciated!

    Imogen (@icrlm) 154

    That sucks that you might have a rupture or CC but don’t worry. I know MYA currently cover you for CC up to three years PO – this used to be 5 years but they brought it down recently. If you are still within the timeframe for CC then I believe they do the reop free of charge – I assume excluding transport, accommodation etc. though.
    As for rupture I honestly don’t know, I’m afraid. I’ll look and my paperwork and let you know if I find anything useful.
    UPDATE: here’s a screenshot of what I’ve found. Read 8B and refer to 7C (above).

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    thanks for your reply. I am now 6 years post op which is the problem. my gp has said the breast clinic at the hospital will want to take it out if it is ruptured. have spoken to Mya and nobody has been able to tell me what happens? How much it will cost if I have to pay? what the warranty actually means. All very upsetting really. I won’t get any sleep tonight!

    Imogen (@icrlm) 154

    I’ve just found the info on rupture and attached a screenshot to my earlier reply. Hopefully it makes things clearer for you, although it doesn’t necessarily offer you the answer you wanted. It looks like you’ll need to pay for the re op but not the implant. Xx


    Thanks so much – I could not find my aftercare form. Could only find the warranty booklet.
    Looks like the implants will be covered but not the surgery. Be interested to know what they charge for this but will need to see my surgeon Mr Traynor.

    My worry if the NHS will opt to remove my implant without giving me the change to see Mr Traynor to see what they will do! Thanks again xx

    Imogen (@icrlm) 154

    I would be interested to know as well actually.
    With all due respect to the NHS they’re not very responsive so I’m sure you’ll have time to go to see your surgeon. I’d contact your clinic and explain that you think you have a rupture and they should get you in quickly at least to see a nurse.
    You’re welcome 🙂 Xx


    So been to the hospital and they can’t scan me until next week but have been on to MYA who have informed me that they do not scan and this needs to be paid for privately? I thought this was some kind of joke after paying out thousands for the procedure only six years ago. Obviously not. So disappointed to be going through this after a relatively short space of time and now don’t even want Mya to fix it of their aftercare is so poor 🙁


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    Sorry to read this and can imagine how stressful this is!! Can you ask to see a surgeon at MYA to assess you ASAP. While you’re waiting for a scan, at least it may give you peace of mind?
    . X

    Imogen (@icrlm) 154

    I’m so sorry to hear that MYA weren’t very helpful, that’s not good of them. It does surprise me that they won’t scan you – you should ask them how they confirm that you have a rupture or CC then? They must have a way of finding out without relying on others. Xx

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