Side effects and leaking? Started by: Ashleigh

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    I’ve been thinking about the procedure for some time now and I am about to make my appointment for a consultation but before I do can you answer my questions for me??
    After the initial procedure is there much leaking and how do you manage it? Do you have to go back to MYA?
    Do you have to have the treatment again in a few years time or is it then just about managing your weight?
    And finally if I for example had lower and upper abs but not bra fat would my shape look strange or does the remaining fat sort of remould itself??
    Thank you xxx

    Alana 5

    Hi @asage I can try help I had Vaser a year ago.

    I had some leakage for the first few hours after surgery but just kept towels over my bedding.
    I don’t think you will need to have it again unless you have a different areas, i think from here if you mange your weight you should be ok. I my finding it so much easier to maintain my weight than before my op.

    No you wont look strange, you can have a look at my photos if that helps. xx

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