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    Yeah I want an uplift with implants too and I am going to see the surgeon tomorrow. I am like you in that when I was developing I was a bit overweight and I always remember having quite saggy boobs. :-( My boobs are actually quite small though (36b) and I am only 5′ 2″ tall. I am struggling to get that last bit of weight off and reach my goal of being an all over size 10 in time for my op as i want it to look perfect. I am currently a 10 on the bottom but have a top-heavy frame so I am a 12- sometimes a 14 on top. So at the moment I’m all confused about what to do. I hate my saggy boobs more than the weight issue anyway so part of me just wants to get it done regardless of what dress size I am.

    Congrats on your achievements though! I’m so jealous! :-)

    In response to your question about the saline Vs silicone and implant placement…

    I have heard that silicone ones are often favoured by surgeons because they have a similar feel and texture to breast tissue. I am not entirely sure but i think that these are the most popular choice- they seemed to have been with the surgeons I have seen so far.

    Saline ones are the ones that can be filled up during the op and are more easily adjustable than silicone pre-filled ones. If they rupture they are more easily detected than silicone ones too. But I think that silicone may be the original and more tried and tested type. I may not be 100% correct about which came first but I know that saline ones are more fluid filled than the gel filled silicone shells. Look up on the net about pros ad cons to get an idea.

    As for implant placement, I am personally getting them underneath the muscle because I have a lack of volume to start with, and don’t want to risk them looking too rounded and ‘stuck on’- or with that blatant ‘ridge’ on the chest like Victoria Beckham has. I think your surgeon will be able to tell what’s best for you in particular by having a look, but generally its easier for those with enough tissue naturally present to get a natural look with over the muscle placed implants than it is for those who are smaller as I think the implant projects too mch in some cases. And i think that generally, sub-muscular placement allows for that more natural effect.

    Don’t forget though that there are other factors to consider- such as high or low profile implants!

    I hope that helps!! :-)


    X X X


    i havent had an uplift but i have had implants. i did loads of reading up on implants before my op ( i had mr adamo 2 weeks ago!!!). not many surgeons use saline in england as they are not as good as silcone ones. a[parently they are more likely to rupture, they dont feel as natural and they need replacing sooner. they silicone implants are like a jelly baby inside. my pc told me that it would take a big impact to burst one but it isnt dangerous cos the gel couldnt leak or go anywhere.
    i had my implants over as i had enough breast tissue to cover them – your surgeon will decide what is best.
    good luck with everything, you have defo made the right choice goin with mya! everything about them has been awesome from start to finish. xxx


    Hi there,

    I have had both saline and silicone implants. I had saline implants 4 1/2 years ago as part of an ‘extreme makeover’ in LA. In February this year, one of them ruptured basically overnight. I had no pain or symptoms, I just got up in the morning and it had gone!!!! Apparentley, this has a 4% chance of happening within the first 4 years!!!! I had them both removed 4th May this year, some 4 weeks ago and replaced with 520cc silicone (I am 6ft so this is the right size!). I am still quite swollen in the one that had ruptured as the skin had started to scar over the implant inside me and so the operation was a lot more intense. This may sound frightening, but I can assure you, I was not in any pain and have not been in pain since the op. It is just one of those things that happen. My saline ones did look just like false boobs, they were a lot higher, like a UFO shape on my chest, if you know what I mean. However, my silicone ones are very, very natural, just look big from a side view. I have no preference on silicone or saline, they both have their advantages.

    I do not regret for one minute having either of my boob jobs. My confidence has soared, I got rid of a useless ex-husband and feel so much happier. I’d do it all again at the drop of a hat and the guys at MYA are fab. The nurses at Manchester Lifestyle are amazing. I didn’t want to leave.

    Good luck and keep us posted!


    Thanks everyone for all your comments. I did some research online and I prefer the sound of silicone to saline. I am going for the natural look and feel so they sound best and I definitely would prefer to have under the muscle than over. I would go for a free consultation but I haven’t saved enough money that I would need for the op yet and I would prefer to do each step all around the same time. By the way, what is high profile and low profile? Is that about how high or low your implants are placed? And to Mila, have you discussed the affects weight loss will have on your boobs after surgery with your PC or surgeon? What have they said?


    I’ve been wanting to have a breast uplift for a very long time now as my breasts have always been saggy as I developed quite early (first bra around the age of 8 or 9) and had been over weight which caused my breasts to sag even more. I’m 19, 5ft 11in, 133 lbs. and a size 10/12 and after losing about 192 lbs. over a period of 8 months I went from a bra size 44J to a 34F with even more loose skin and lost a lot of volume from my breasts. I’m obviously going to have to combine the uplift with implants and was thinking around a size DD/E would be good seeing as I’m quite tall and I think it would suit my frame. Has anyone on here had an uplift with implants before, or considering it? And can anyone tell me about their experiences with silicone and saline and which they think is better. I’d like to have a nice natural look and feel. Also would like to hear about over the muscle and under the muscle placements. I had a callback from MYA today and they said the cost would be around

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