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    Hi Ladies, Hoping someone can help. I’m 5’5″, just above 9st and an A cup at the minute. Does anyone have anything similar, just worried i’m going to go too big x

    Rach 29

    Hi, I’m 5”5 also around 9st and was a very flat a cup. I had 300cc high profile unders, currently just over 7 weeks post op and I love them. I get measured by my surgeon on Saturday but I reckon I’m full c/d

    Emily 14

    I was similar, had 275 and 300 due to assymetry, I’m now almost 5 months post op and wearing 34c/32d

    Helen 8

    I am 5’6” and 9 stone and have just had 350 but was offered up to 375. Have you tried the sizers on yet? They are a big help at seeing what the results will be like to help you decide.

    Ellie 16

    Hi there I am 5’4 and 8.5st and I was a B cup. I’m literally in hospital at the moment had mine done last night I had 275cc unders and I’ve had a sneaky peak they look perfect already, a noticeable difference but not huge, just right for my body shape. You don’t need to go too big with your stats smaller implants go a long way. I would trust your surgeon and what they suggest will be the right thing. Xx

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