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  • Lucylu 5

    Girls how many weeks was it before you all started sleeping normally on your side again? I cant wait to be able to lie comfortably!!!

    Jen 7

    Think your meant to sleep sat up for 2weeks I’m nearly at my 1st week actually woke up other nite kinda on my side
    Looking forward to sleeping properly xx

    Michelle 4

    I’ve got my ba on 6th Nov was told about 2 weeks so I’ve bought a v pillow to help support me sitting up hopefully that Will help me stay on my back lol

    Heidi 197

    2 weeks sat up, then 4 weeks on your back, then however you like xx

    Jess 2

    I’m 10 days post op and last night I was just so fed up of sleeping on my back (as it takes me hours to drop off in that position) that I just thought F it and slept on my side. Woke up in the morning with a lot of tightness and discomfort so won’t be doing that again in a hurry. I’ve been told after 6 weeks is when you can resume life as normal including sleep etc. Can’t imagine sleeping on my back for 5 more weeks!!

    Jo 13

    I’m 5.5 weeks post op and still sleeping in a reclined position, although not as upright as you’re meant to at the very beginning. I’m still swollen so the nurses saw at my 3 week post op check said to continue sleeping in a reclined position for now, and also to stay in my M&S post-op bra until at least 8 weeks post op.
    I’m relatively comfy at night, although I do wake up periodically because I’ve slipped down the bed a bit!


    I researched that you’re meant to sleep at a 45 degree angle for 2 weeks then flat in your back till you reach 6 weeks, just to help the implants stay where they should be for awhile but tbh everywhere I look says different, I’m 2 weeks post op and I tried sleeping on my side and I lasted 10 mins due to it not feeling safe just yet. But you get used to it when I had a c section I slept on my back for months. Good luck 🙂

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