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    Hi ladies,
    I have my surgeon consultation at the end of the month I’m so excited to be starting this journey wanted to for years but always been to nervous. I’m hoping to have enlargement and an uplift. Just curious how long after did you book your surgery and how long was the recovery period. I know it varies for everyone just interested to find out people’s journey.

    Laura 24

    Hey, I had an appointment with my PC immediately after to discuss the implants that had been recommended after the surgeon had seen my body, and I tried on sizers with her to see what they would look like on my frame etc. I booked the surgery straight away with her as there was a very small window I could have it due to fitting in holiday from work and I was happy after I’d met my surgeon. Some people book in before they see their surgeon as they know they definitely want the op, some want to go away and think about it or even see another surgeon so I think it’s totally up to you and how you feel. Xx

    Fern 24

    I Had my first consultation end march, implant & uplift surgery in june depends how flexible you can be hun 🙂 I booked 2 weeks to work from home, and glad i did that as even though i felt fine after like day 4, i dont think i could have handled london public transport and the pushing and shoving at rush hour hhah best of luck with your op xx

    Stacey 497

    I booked my surgery befor I met my Sugoen as I new it was what I wanted and new the Sugoen I wanted xxx

    Kirsty 37

    I called my PC the day after I met my surgeon. It was a 7 week wait until the surgery at that point (tied in with the start and end of love island). I could have potentially got it a couple of weeks earlier but someone in my team already had the time booked off from work so I had to wait until they were back so I could have my time off for recovery

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