Uplift and no implants?? Anyone else??? Started by: Fiona

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    Hi Ladies, I already have fairly full breasts, but they are sagging, I’m looking to get an uplift, but it seems like most get an implant too. Im not really looking to go any bigger, but want to keep a nice shape? Has anyone had an uplift without implants and still loved the end result?


    Hi Fiona, I’m booked in for my uplift on the 25th of March so if I can be any help answering questions fire away! I’m adding my before pictures later if you want to add me as a friend X


    Hi Fiona,
    I am currently two weeks post op, uplift with no implant and so far I’m really pleased with the result. I originally really wanted implants aswell as uplift but after seeing a few surgeons (I actually went abroad to get them done in the end) I was advised to just get the uplift first them see how I felt.
    So pleased I did it that way! Implants may be something I want in the future but for now I think Im going to be happy with the result! Any questions ask away!! Kirsten x

    Jessica 3

    I had an uplift with no implants you can judge 🙂 xx

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