Weight loss affect? Started by: Tammy

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  • Tammy 8

    Hello ladies,
    I want to know how does weight loss affects your breast implants. Would they go saggy? :s
    Would love to know your opinions on my case.
    Pre op 32D
    Will have 520cc uhp overs.
    After recovery i want to lose 5 to 7kgs.
    Current weight 54kgs.
    Look forward to read from you all.

    Katrina 41

    Hi Tammy

    I haven’t had my surgery yet but my surgeon did warn me that due to having little muscle/tissue, I will be prone to rippling despite him going u der th muscle and the only way to hide this is to put on weight which suggests losing weight can cause visible rippling but only if u lack chest muscle or tissue up top. I don’t know what happened to my chest muscles or where they went though…unless it’s related to how my body reacted to pregnancy and breastfeeding. X

    Tammy 8

    Hi katrina,
    Good luck for your op.
    My surgeon said i have plenty of breast tissue. Dont remember him saying anything about the muscle other than he will do overs.

    Laura 13

    Considerable weight loss increases risk of rippling.

    i actually put on 1 stone after my op amd still got rippling.

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