What do people think of Mr Marcellino and how was their experience with him Started by: Jodie

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    I have been told at the consultation that Mr Marcellino is good for me as his work suits what I want more than the other surgeons. What are people’s experiences with him? This would really help to make a decision on which surgeon I have

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    Hi Jodie I had him do my op in January. I’ve just been fully signed off this week by him now. He has done an amazing job and the results are what I wanted. My advice would be take on board his advice. I’m really happy with my size, my scars are really good. I wanted a natural look so I had mod plus over implants.

    Good luck x


    That’s great, thanks for your reply and advice!! Xxx


    Hi Jodie jun! I had my BA Wednesday 17th may with Mr Marcellino and even with all my strapping on I am so pleased with my results! I originally wanted 450cc but he said he would only go as big as 425cc other wise they would be too big and wouldn’t look right. I wanted the more fake look so I had high profile over the muscle and I couldn’t of had better results! he really does care about all his patients and will always tell you how it is and not let you get too much boob greed! he is amazing x

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