When do they stop hurting? Started by: Ellen

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  • Ellen 9

    Hi girls,

    So I’m nearly 3 weeks post-op (will be 3 weeks this Saturday) and I’m just wondering how long it takes for them to stop hurting.

    They’re not really painful but they still feel sore if I touch them or apply any sort of pressure. Is this normal at this stage or should the pain be going by now? How long does this sort of feeling last and when will they feel normal?

    I’m worrying myself into thinking I’m getting capsular contracture or something else wrong but hopefully this is all normal.

    Thanks in advance! ❤️❤️

    Lovepenelope 17

    Hey! I’m 23DPO and I’m still experiencing some discomfort. My right has totally settled, no swelling, pain etc but my left is totally different. I’m still swollen, having burning nerve pain & is sensitive to touch. Saw my consultant Wednesday and he said it’s totally normal at 3 weeks…..reminded me it’s 2 different ops and the body will heal each side at different rates. He said not to worry and it would most likely go by 6-8weeks!

    Ffi 1

    Hey I was the same until 3.5 weeks and suddenly it’s settled a lot!

    Ellen 9

    Thank you both!

    Hopefully they will start to feel better. I think I’m just worrying about the worst xx

    JoC87 15

    It’s strange how everyone I’ve spoke to says the left breast hurts! This is stupid but your hearts on your left aswell isn’t it. I’ve thought of everything to why I’m still sore on my left breast! ?

    Becci 5

    I’m 4 weeks post op and my left is still swollen and tender has urs gone down now?

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