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    Good Morning lovely ladies…
    I have never done anything like this before and I thought I should so everyone can get an idea of what’s gone on in my journey to the Fitzroy…

    All my consultations have been in the Cardiff branch of Mya with the lovely Kristina Jones,
    After seeing Dr Marcellino in Cardiff it all started to feel very real I was a 12-15 a day smoker and this had to stop ✋ I was. Not prepared to jeopardise the money I had spent because I wanted a cigarette, if you ask my husband and my sister who I work with everyday I wasn’t very pleasant to be around for the first 3 days, I was using a vape with no nicotine, but something after 3 days just clicked and fell in to place I somehow was fine ?‍♀️ I have no idea what that was about!! (3 weeks Thursday as a non smoker)
    In writing this iam lay in my bed at the Fitzroy london at 02:47 and quite clearly I can’t sleep!!
    I was up at 04:15 Monday 1st April and left my home in Mid Wales at 06:00 my husband took me to the train station where I had to be a adult ? I had arranged the child care in advance with some amazing friends and family, I have. 14 year old boy and 5 yr old Twin girls, I work full time and for the last 8 years I have been a retained firefighter so I enjoy being busy ? the twins were delivered via a C section in 2014 and from that moment on I have what I’ve called a Cat Flap! It’s like a pull out awning on the side of a motor home ?? And my boobs well they ended up deflated and banging my knees.
    Sorry I digress terrible, so I arrived at Paddington Train station and if you’ve never done it like me follow the black track on the floor all the way to the taxi rank, there are others for different tubes and buses etc this was a massive help to me. The taxi cost me £11.20 to the Fitzroy I personally prefer this to using the underground etc, I walked in at 11:25 my addition time was 11:30 on my email, but they had me down as 12:30 so I had to sit and wait in the reception for almost an hour with my suitcase and plenty of nerves.i hadn’t eaten since Sunday night and not had a drink from home so it was safe to say I was starving.
    I got shown to my room at around 12:30 on the bed was a greasing gown, slippers, pregnancy test and a wee pot, along with the paper knickers and hair thing, the lovely lady said unpack take your time no rush but get changed into the gown and do a wee in the pot… an hour later a nurse came in to check blood pressure, temp and medical questions, she tested my wee I can confirm NOT PREGNANT and as I used to smoke she also test for nicotine, she measured for stockings (DVT) I popped them on and within 20 mins I had seen and spoken to the anaesthetic signed paperwork and also Dr Marcellino came to draw all over me and explain what he was going to do.
    I was last on the list as I found out the bigger procedures always are so I fell asleep on my bed for 30 mins and I got woken up to walk down to theatre. They really are a amazing selection of staff I can not fault them.
    I got back to my room at 9:15 pm (went Down at 4pm) took me ages to come round properly, yesterday I had such a massive change in emotions from happy, anxious to balling my eyes out. At 11pm tonight the staff got me a broccoli and cheese pasta which was lush, and tea & toast! Plenty to drink.
    I am struggling with lying the way to have to because it constantly feels like iam tensing my tummy muscles and if I am o don’t mean to, just a little uncomfortable low down where 1 of my 4 drains are my chest area currently has no pain and if this continues I will be super chuffed! Take plenty of snacks with you, and I don’t have sugar in drinks at all but I think it helped massively in coming around quicker just having a sugar fix, Iam hopefully going to upload a couple of pics, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in asking me, I am in for a 2 night stay so leaving this Wednesday morning 3rd April xx

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    Lisa 5

    Hey how are you getting on? Xx are you pleased with your results? Xx

    Stacey 1

    Hi do you mind me asking how much it cost roughly for both tummy tuck & uplift. I didn’t realise you could have 2 procedures done together! X

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