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    Hey guys just wanted to post about my experience so far.

    Consultation with Dr Sleiter was great. He’s incredibly honest and I feel that’s what you need when you’re doing things like this to your body.

    My original intentions for liposuction was my neck, under arms, Bra rolls and hips.

    He point blank said I didn’t need all that doing. My hips or flanks whatever you wanna call them is all needed doing and my lower stomach. Nothing else.

    Even after the consultation I spoke to my PC and nurse about the other areas I wanted soo g they advised me it wasn’t needed for the results that I wanted. An hourglass figure.

    I respected them for this.

    Fast forward to op day it is a scary experience. Well for me it was I was ready to just go home lol. But the MYA team were amazing and the London hospital. Kept me calm and comfortable.

    The room was clean and private. No complaints there.

    After the op I was so drozy don’t remember much. One thing that did bother me was when they asked me to move from the operating back on to my hospital bed. Good lord the pain I was in.

    1st night after op in the hospital I was restless which is to be expected. The nurses on that night shift where so understanding and helpful it was unreal. I wish I could remember there names.

    The morning after I was in pain when moving which is to be expected again. I was really confused I thought the surgeon Dr Sleiter would come and see me before discharge. No not the case. You kinda just discharge yourself if you feel ok lol

    I didn’t mind that tbh I was out for 9am roughly. After my obs where taken and was given me antibiotics and painkillers.

    Day one after op. You’ll just sleep cause I did lol I’d advise do not lay down. Cause you’re not getting back up lol toooooooo painful. Just sleep in a armchair or sofa.

    Day two say as day one tbh you’ll just sleep I was walking around at this point slowly but it’s something. You’ll notice the swelling EVERYWHERE face legs hands arms. It’s horrible. They said it’ll go down in time. So let’s see. My bladder has been weak since the op I’d advise getting some pads to put on cause babes you won’t make that toilet in time haha

    Today day three I walked for 1 mile to my local aldi I don’t think I was supposed to but the swelling was worrying. So I figured movement may help.

    Any questions just ask. Hopefully this has helped someone.

    Honestly don’t regret anything the experience was fine and MYA has been so nice and helpful so far. So no complaints.

    My PC even messaged day after to see if I was ok. Which I thought that was so nice. Her names Chloe she’s ace ask for her!

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    Colleena 1

    My garment



    I have a consultation Thursday for vaser. Did you have much time off work?

    Thank you

    Colleena 1

    I did cause I I’m in care. I think it genuinely depends on your job. I went back to work this week and I’m still a little sore.

    If you’re in a office or something you’ll be fine. Just gotta rest your body.


    This is amazing Colleena.
    Really helpful to read and know what to expect – there’s no better information or preparation than from someone who has been through it! (And I love your comment about pads and the toilet… babes 😂)
    On my way to my PC Consultation now in London….. eeeek!

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    Hi Colleena,

    How are you feeling now a month on, I had my Vaser on Wednesday, all went well. The bruising is really coming out and lots of swelling and fluid. Have you had your massages? Also do you have you after pic if you don’t mind sharing?

    Many thanks
    Lucy xx

    PerkieDs 11


    did you notice that you dont actually see your results sraight away. can take a few weeks for swelling to start to go down?

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