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When it comes to celeb ass(ets), you think of the Kardashian clan, Amber Rose, J-Lo and Nikki Minaj. But what if we said to you Hilary Duff?  Yup that’s right, out of nowhere, pictures have emerged this week of Hilary carrying a lot more junk in her trunk. The childhood star who usually graces our Twitter feed with drama is now getting a hell of a lot of gratitude for her figure.


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So how has Miss Duff gained in the bum region? We know she wasn't adopted by Kris Jenner overnight and so is it a beast of a squat regime that got her into bum goals that quickly? Maybe just maybe...she's undergone a fat transfer procedure?

Fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery procedure where fat is harvested from your less desirable areas such as stomach or thighs through a form of Liposuction (commonly Vaser Liposuction). It is then injected into the areas you wish to create volume, like your buttocks. The rumours have been rife for years that this is a celeb favourite but with little way of proving it, we just get to sit back enjoy the visual and Google how we can get fat transfer (potentially coming to MYA soon!)


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