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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass

If you've been struggling with weight-related challenges, bariatric (weight loss) surgery might have crossed your mind. Gastric Bypass surgery is a transformative weight loss procedure that offers a potential solution for obesity and its associated conditions.

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What is Gastric Bypass surgery?

Gastric Bypass surgery falls under the category of bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery). The procedure is also also known as Roux-en-Y. Gastric Bypass surgery reshapes your stomach to aid weight loss. This intricate procedure involves creating a small 'pouch' at the upper portion of the stomach, connecting it to the small intestine.

The key innovation lies in directing food directly to the small intestine, bypassing the majority of the stomach. As a result, you consume less food and absorb fewer calories, giving you the ability to lose up to 72% of excess weight.

When patients lose weight, they notice an increase in confidence, generally improving their quality of life. Not only do they find shopping for clothes easier, but they also feel more at ease in romantic relationships and in public settings.

How much does Gastric Bypass cost?

The cost of Gastric Bypass surgery is unique to each patient, as it depends on their physical requirements and the best outcome for them.

A guide price will be provided during the initial eConsult, while a fixed cost will be given during a consultation with a MYA surgeon after a full assessment.

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Benefits of Gastric Bypass surgery

If you’re overweight, shedding excess weight can bring forth a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes

  • Potential reduction in high blood pressure

  • Alleviation of strain on weight-bearing joints

  • Enhanced cardiovascular health

  • Elevated energy levels

  • A boost in confidence

  • Greater choice in clothing and underwear

However, gastric bypass surgery has its unique benefits, which include:

  • Sustainable long-term weight management

  • Diminished calorie absorption

  • Reversible or convertible to a gastric band if needed

  • Potential weight loss of 71-72% of excess weight

Gastric Bypass surgery side effects

As with any surgical procedure, a gastric bypass operation involves risks and potential side effects, which can include:

  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Gastrointestinal leakage

  • Bowel obstruction

  • Formation of gallstones

  • Hernia

  • Low blood sugar

  • Nutritional deficiencies due to reduced nutrient absorption

  • Stomach perforation

  • Ulcers

  • Vomiting

  • Occurrence of dumping syndrome - characterised by rapid food transit from the stomach to the duodenum, leading to symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting.

It's important to note that this procedure involves anaesthesia, which carries its own set of risks and side effects, which will be discussed during the consultation process.

The Gastric Bypass Surgery Overview

Before you undergo gastric bypass surgery, you will have multiple consultations with our experts.

Your initial eConsult will be with a patient coordinator, where you can talk freely and learn more about the procedure from the comfort of your home - and, it's FREE!

If you decide to go ahead with the weight loss surgery procedure, you will have a consultation with a MYA surgeon, where you'll have a physical assessment to evaluate your suitability for the procedure. Your surgeon will outline any risks, learn about what you want to achieve, and highlight the importance of aftercare. Here, you can also ask more questions and get a fixed price.

During this, you'll usually have a nurse vitals appointment, too. Pre-procedure photographs will be taken, and your vitals will be checked as well as your blood pressure and any other requirements on review of your medical history.

You'll then be booked in for your procedure!

Metabolic and bariatric surgery is completed under general anaesthetic before the surgeon makes a small incision in the upper abdomen. A laparoscope, equipped with a camera, is inserted through one incision, allowing a visual of the stomach, and an incision across the top of the stomach forms a small 'pouch' - the new destination for ingested food. A subsequent incision in the small intestine is made to connect the lower section to the new stomach pouch.

The remaining stomach and upper small intestine are linked to allow digestive fluids from the stomach to drain before all incisions are closed up.

How to know if gastric bypass is right for you

Those with a BMI (Body Mass Index) exceeding 40 - or exceeding 35 with weight-related conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes - may find gastric bypass surgery a suitable option.

It's vital that you’re willing to embrace a new lifestyle and dietary regimen post-surgery, including a new diet and exercise routine and restrictions that differ from what you're used to.

These can be discussed further during your eConsult appointment.

Gastric bypass surgery recovery

If you are an evening patient, you will be asked to stay overnight while our team monitors your progress. Otherwise, you can go home with a chaperone (friend or family member) while you come around from the anaesthetic. 

You can expect initial stomach swelling and discomfort, which can be managed with appropriate pain relief. In the initial weeks, you might have some discomfort and fatigue, which will gradually disappear as your body adapts to your new digestive system.

It's recommended you stay off work (or work from home) for at least two weeks. Obviously, this can differ based on your job, but this can be discussed with your surgeon.

After around 6 weeks, you'll be able to gradually get back into your usual routine - including diet and exercise. However, it's important you take things slowly and don't do too much too soon.

Detailed guidance on post-operative dietary choices will be provided, starting with a liquid diet for the initial two weeks, followed by pureed food in week three and soft food in week four. It's recommended you start off with water, fluids, and runny food (like soup and pureed food), before gradually moving your way up to solid foods during the initial recovery period. You will also be advised to eat slowly, avoid foods that could block your stomach, and take vitamin and mineral supplements to give your body the nutrients it needs.

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, you will be invited for a compulsory post-op appointment. Here, you will meet with a MYA nurse and have the chance to ask any questions or raise any concerns; your healing and health will also be assessed to ensure you're recovering from the procedure correctly.

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Gastric Bypass FAQ's

Is gastric bypass surgery reversible?

Gastric bypass surgery is the only reversible bariatric surgery. However, surgeons are hesitant to offer it due to the associated risks, which are more severe than the original procedure - including functional issues in the small intestine and rare and serious complications.

For this reason, reversing gastric bypass surgery will only be completed when absolutely necessary.

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