How long do I need to stop smoking for before my operation?

At MYA all patients are required to stop smoking before having a cosmetic surgery procedure to ensure the best possible recovery and optimal wound healing.

Patients are required to quit smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery, this includes all nicotine containing products such as gum, patches and vaping. You will need to refrain from smoking for up to 2 weeks post-surgery and we advise you continue to remain nicotine-free until you are fully healed to achieve the best possible results.


How does smoking affect my cosmetic surgery results? 

Smoking, e-cigarettes and the use of nicotine patches and gum pre and post-surgery can seriously hinder the healing process and increase the risk of infection. A surgical wound infection can develop at any time from 2-3 days after surgery until the wound has fully healed. Delayed wound healing can result in the patient's scars appearing bigger and more visible, affecting the final cosmetic result. 

Having an anaesthetic can also cause smokers to contract a chest infection post-operatively, so therefore, it is very important to follow MYA's pre and post-op advice and remain nicotine free. 


Will MYA patients be required to take a nicotine test?

Yes, MYA patients will be required to have a nicotine test performed on the day of their procedure, if nicotine is tested detected, the patient's operation will be cancelled at their own cost. 



Lead Clinic Nurse Dawn | Why patients are required to stop smoking 


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