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Georgia is part of our wonderful Chelmsford MYA clinic and is taking part in her first Pageant this month. So we took the opportunity to interview her to educate ourselves about all things Pageant related.

What got you into beauty pageants?

For the most part of 2016, I had suffered with depression and anxiety, and particular events had caused my confidence to take a massive blow. It was then that my friend (who used to work for MYA too!) introduced me to pageantry. She had got into it for similar reasons, she had been bullied throughout her younger years, and since entering her first pageant, her confidence and happiness had grown. Part of me just wanted to convince myself that nothing could make me happy again – I think a lot of us have been in that situation, deep in self-pity; and that’s ok, but eventually we all need a kick in the butt to get up on our feet again!

I chose happiness. I chose to push myself to my limits, to face fear, to say no to depression. I chose to find a real focus that would give me purpose and feel like the future was bright... So I took the first step by entering for the U.K Power Pageant! Never did I actually expect to be awarded any kind of title – but I did, which is how I became Miss Chelmsford International 2017.


Wish I could wear Hollywood glam everyday????????????

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What are your views on cosmetic surgery?

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with cosmetic surgery. There’s a lot of different things a person might choose to do that gives them confidence, whether that is going to the gym, wearing makeup, getting tattoos or piercings. We’d be fools to say that body modification is restricted to going under the knife, and a hypocrite to say that altering our appearance is wrong.

People get cosmetic surgery for so many reasons, sometimes it’s due to medical reasons – for example, a large cup size may cause back pains, or someone who has lost a lot of weight may be left with loose skin that no amount of exercising or dieting will reduce. Others will get it purely for cosmetic and confidence reasons, such as a woman with a flat chest – she may feel breast enlargement would allow her to feel more feminine and confident. And do you know what? I think whatever makes you feel happy and better in yourself you should go for, as long as it’s not obsessive and that you don’t depend all of your happiness on your appearance, then there’s really nothing wrong with it. Us ladies (and gents) need to make our own choices and not be influenced by the judgement of others.

Whatever gives you confidence and self-love, I’m all for it!

What’s it like working for MYA?

I love working for MYA. I have an absolutely amazing team of girls around me who work really hard to ensure our patients have the best possible MYA journey. It’s nice to work in such a friendly environment, we spend so much time here it starts to feel like home! Since working at MYA I’ve never had that ‘Sunday sadness’ – you know, that dread of going to work for another WHOLE week, and counting down the days until the weekend... Nope! I’m lucky enough to be able to say I enjoy my work.

My job is to take care of the patients at the Chelmsford clinic, and manage all administration. Sometimes, people may think that working in a cosmetic surgery clinic would be vain and lack purpose. In actual fact, I think it’s the opposite - I find my job very rewarding. It’s so lovely to see the journey of a patient’s confidence from their first consultation, to seeing their post-operative results.


How do you find balancing MYA work life and preparing for a pageant?

It’s definitely been a bit of an adventure that’s for sure! I work full-time for MYA so I’ve been fitting everything around it, from finding all of the perfect dresses and outfits, to getting alterations, writing blogs, appearing at many different events, having photo shoots, talking live on radio in the morning before work (eek!) and then going to the gym straight after work, practising stage presence, helping out charities, trying to build my social media, planning accommodation, travel and booking hair and makeup! And that’s not even half of it!! I’m still trying to maintain a decent social life at the same time - it seems there is no time to rest LOL! But it’s so worth it. I love having a focus, and feeling like there’s a bit more to life than just a 9-5 office job, begging for the weekend to arrive so you can experience the same night out in the same town – only to feel a little hungover and realise you are stuck on repeat every single week (I know, I know, a little deep, ouch!). But in reality that’s most of us young girls’ reality, and I want that to change – not just for me but hopefully inspire others to make a change too and get the most out of life.

Do you know if many of the beauty pageant girls have had cosmetic surgery? 

In regards to other contestants having cosmetic surgery I wouldn’t like to assume they have, due to this being my first pageant. I believe cosmetic surgery is used for women to find more confidence and feel empowered. As being part of a pageant is about being a role model and empowering other women, I see no reason as to why someone might choose cosmetic surgery.


Wish I could wear Hollywood glam everyday????????????

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If a pageant girl has had cosmetic surgery can it be discussed or is it frowned upon or kept quiet in the pageant world? 

Once upon a time, cosmetic surgery wasn’t discussed in the pageant world. Today things are different and we are more than welcome to discuss it amongst ourselves.

I wouldn’t expect pageant girls to promote it, as cosmetic surgery should be a freedom of choice. If a woman feels they want something done to help with their confidence, there is nothing wrong with that. Women are beautiful inside and out, and sometimes we all need to find something to empower us.


What do your family and friends think about the pageants? 

My friends and family are supportive of everything I do, they like to see me happy and confident.


When is your next pageant? 

My pageant is actually this weekend! (June 10th-11th) It’s held over 2 days in a beautiful spa hotel in Lancashire. It is the U.K. Power Pageant that I am competing in, for a couple of different titles, including Miss International UK! I’m really nervous but also excited to meet all the other girls taking part. I just hope that all the hard work pays off and I at least come away feeling I did the best that I could. I have enjoyed the whole process so far and have taken away so much from the pageant already – it’s definitely been a positive learning curve.