MYA HQ are celebrating all things friendship today!

The International Day of Friendship is now a special day that the UN champions to promote friendships internationally across diverse backgrounds and cultures. But for the majority of us International Friendship Day is a day to embrace those special people in our lives and let them know how much we appreciate and love them.

We reached out to some of our MYA patients and spoke to them about their personal cosmetic surgery journey and to see who they had by their sides helping and supporting them along the way.


Beth Hopwood // @bethhopwoodxo


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Beth had a breast enlargement with MYA in July 2017 and was supported through her journey by her Mum, Leanne, who was by her side from start to finish. “Growing up, I never had boobs and it was always something I had dreamt of. By the age of 18, enough was enough and I made the decision to have a BA.”

We interviewed Beth and Leanne to ask them about their special bond and if having a supportive friendly face with you along your journey really does make a difference:

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Q- Beth, how do you feel your Mum supported you before your procedure? Did she do anything in particular that really stood out?

A-My mum was the one encouraging me to go with my heart and look into having surgery, she was always searching on the internet and looking on social media to find the perfect place to undergo surgery. She came to every single consultation/appointment with me and was there on the surgery day along with my Dad to support me. I couldn’t have asked for a better BFF to go through this life changing experience with.


Q- Beth, why did you feel that your BFF was the best person to support you through your cosmetic journey?

A- Because my Mum knows me the best out of everyone and for that reason she is my BFF. After surgery she was always running around after me, making sure I was happy and had a speedy recovery.

Q- Leanne, what were your thoughts when Beth first told you she wanted to have cosmetic surgery?

A- Bethany has always wanted to have a BA since she was about 14, so I knew as soon as she Turned 18 it was something she’d want to do. I was happy to support her in her decision because she wanted it for the right reasons.


Q- Leanne, do you feel that supporting your daughter along with her journey has changed your perception of cosmetic surgery?

A- I helped Bethany do research on various cosmetic surgery clinics, so I don’t think it’s changed because I knew we had picked the best clinic. I joined the MYA forum and chatted with a few girls about their journeys and it opened my eyes. I initially thought that getting cosmetic surgery was just for people wanting to look ‘better’, but since going through this journey with Bethany and watching how much happier and more confident she has become, has been amazing.


Q- What advice would you give to other people who are supporting their loved ones and BFFs through a procedure?

A- I would say, make sure you’re 100% committed to be with them through the whole journey from choosing a clinic till the post op appointments. Listen to all the advice your patient coordinator, surgeon and nurses have to offer because you need to know what you can do to help your friend/loved one through their life changing decision.


Hannah Mullen // @hanmul20


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Having always wanted a breast enlargement since she was young, Hannah was recommended MYA by her bff, Amie who had previously had a BA with us. Hannah is now 5 weeks post op and couldn’t be happier with her results.“My cosmetic journey most likely wouldn’t have even started if it wasn’t for seeing Amie go through hers and seeing her results.”

We interviewed Hannah and her best friend Amie to ask them how supporting each other through their cosmetic surgery  procedures positively impacted their journeys:

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Q- Hannah, how did your BFF support you before your procedure?

A- Amie supported me a lot before my procedure, she came to every single one of my appointments from the initial consultation to the surgery, she even helped me choose what size to go for.


Q- Amie, what were your thoughts when Hannah first told you she wanted to have cosmetic surgery?

A- My first thoughts when Hannah told me she was getting a breast enlargement were positive and happy, I knew Hannah had wanted this procedure done for a long time so to hear she had the courage to do so, made me so happy for her!


Q- Aime, do you believe that supporting your BFF with their journey impacted you?

A- Being there for my best friend, Hannah, throughout her whole experience was such a amazing thing.Having had a breast enlargement myself (with MYA of course) I knew exactly what she was going through, how she was feeling and how much this meant to her. So supporting Hannah through it all felt very rewarding.

Q- Did this experience bring you closer as friends?

 A- Yes it definitely has, it’s made me realise how reliable and supportive she is.


Q- Would you recommend MYA to a friend?

A- I would 100% recommend MYA! From start to finish from when I had my procedure to my friend having hers, MYA was excellent! The service, the help, the reassurance, the consultations everything was brilliant. It made me and my friend feel so relaxed and comfortable with everything.


Q- Do you have any advice to future patients?

A-  Advice for future patients or anyone considering cosmetic surgery is to just go for it, if it’s been something you have been thinking about and wanting to do for a long time then do it! If it makes you happy and confident about yourself do it, life’s too short to not be happy and confident about yourself!


MYA are super proud of the girls featured in this blog for having the confidence to talk about their journeys and for sharing their stories with others!


Happy International Friendship Day,

Love MYA