How many of you during last night’s airing of I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here turned to your partner and asked "would you want me to have plastic surgery"? With the response “no I love you exactly how you are!” The perfect answer, but apparently that is not the case.. During I’m A Celebrity last night, MYA Girl Vicky Pattison and former boxer Chris Eubank teamed up in a challenge to win dingo dollars. They had to carry/drag novelty items up a jungle hill that had keys attached to unlock several pad locks to reveal the dollars. We know Vicky would have been grateful to have Chris’s strength especially when one of the items was a canoe. Quote of the night had to be Vicky referring to her breast enlargement, saying “it’s hard enough carrying my boobs up that hill”. As hard as it was they were triumphant.

We'd love to know what else is on Vicky's bucket list... #ImACeleb

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But there was a catch – as there always is in these sorts of shows. The camp then had to guess the answer to the following question to allow Vicky and Chris to exchange their well-deserved dingo dollars for chocolate chip cookies: "What percentage of men would like their partners to have plastic surgery to change their looks - (a) 15% or (b) 24%?" Most of the group said 15%. Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet fame said “why would you go out with a girl and want to change her?” while Fern McCann of TOWIE of fame was convinced the number was 24% “ Trust me its 24%, I just want a man to fall in love with this nose”. Eventually, the campers agreed on 15% as their answer, but it turned out to be the wrong one, leaving them to return to camp empty-handed.

Ferne has been voted new Camp Leader! #ImACeleb

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We want to know your thoughts? Is the question misleading? If your boyfriend or husband was supportive in your decision to have cosmetic surgery does that mean he is part of the 24%? Either way it has the nation talking and we love to be part of the debate. Header Image: I'm a Celebrity Facebook