Struggling to save can be a constant battle but when you have your heart set on a MYA procedure, dream holiday or setting up your first home, you'll be willing to try anything. Setting a Saving Goal is all about training your mind to think differently when it comes to spending money. Tightening those purse strings and living without that brand new dress or expensive lipstick is a great start! We have set aside some helpful tips and tricks to help you save for that not-so-rainy day.

1. Average Annual Spend

Everything has a value but it is seeing that value in a completely different way that will prevent you from spending unnecessarily. Let us explain, so that morning coffee you pick up on the work commute: Average price = £2.95 x5 per week (average working days) = £14.75 Over a year = £767 That is £767 you are spending on coffee! Now imagine if you only had one on a Monday because lets be fair, we all need one on a Monday morning. Or better yet, what if you wait until you get to work and used the free office supplies? Now this works with everything: cigarettes, magazines, sweets, expensive lunches. The fact is even if you stop, you are likely to spend that change on something else so the action of physically putting that exact money in a sealed jar or money box will make you feel like you have achieved something.

2. Budget vs Expensive

Research is key when you are looking to save money. There is always a cheaper/budget version out there for anything you own, buy or want. Cheaper does not always mean better, which is why you need to tread carefully when swapping your expensive items for a cheaper version. Online reviews and ratings become your best friend before you go for the cheap alternative so DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are so many forums and websites that can assist with this, a favourite is YSL touch eclat highlighter/concealer - average price £25 Aldi Lacura concealer pen average price £3.95 That’s a saving of £21.05

3. Recycle

Something as simple as recycling old outfits can save you a fortune. It’s true what they say: fashion comes full circle so we will allow hoarding clothes for this reason alone. You can make that expensive dress you have only worn once look completely different if you add a belt, rock different shoes or accessorise. Prior to a night out get your friends to bring over options that you can borrow; sharing clothes between friendship groups is normal but we cannot be held responsible if you look better in it than they do! The only rule that matters most here is the Friend-Clothes-Borrowing-Etiquette: wash and giving back the clothes within a maximum two week period as anything longer may affect your friendship. Although we've only provided only a few hints and tricks, you will reap huge financial rewards if you apply properly.