We’ve all dabbled in a bit of highlighting and contouring to create the illusion of razor sharp cheekbones. But have you ever thought about using a bit of make-up mastery to boost your boobs? Every girl wants to accentuate what she’s got, especially when we’re on display in low necklines. It’s rumoured that even Kim Kardashian has used blending techniques and carefully applied bronzer to enhance her killer curves. Well, if it’s good enough for the gorgeous Mrs West, it’s definitely good enough for us. ecefdc79d5cb091feffcfd3036d380f4 Image Credit   First, head for a mirror under good lighting - this is the key to making sure you don’t leave the house looking like a streaky disaster. Now, get your brushes at the ready for a cleavage that’s bound to turn heads.


c2d89182822f67a6e217c7940a484f9d Image Credit The easiest and quickest way to draw eyes to your chest is to simply dust a shimmery bronzer powder over the area. The make-up particles will be eye-catching in the light for a radiant glow across your boobs.


47614f3269ee403cd9bc825c2b9931cf Image Credit For those v-neck t-shirt days when you want a subtle yet still noticeable effect, grab a matt bronzer and sweep it in the crease between your breasts. This gives the impression of more fullness by darkening the shadows for more definition.


80a15f304edc2ee7d017e39a22fc3ea6Image Credit If you’re after more oomph under a sexy blouse, using a highlighter is a must. Outline an ‘m’ shape across the top of your boobs making sure to apply just a touch more in the crease. Take time to blend carefully so the look is flawless and appears natural. Obvious lines or messily applied powder will just give the game away.

M Bronzer

05583afa3d7eb4430f78acd91c04a592 Image credit Not dramatic enough? If you’re after full-on va-va-voom, first follow tips 2 and 3 above. Then, dig out your trusty bronzer again but this time, trace an “m” shape just above the area you applied your highlighter. The idea is to increase the illusion of fullness for an enhanced look in less time than it takes to perfect your eyebrows. Well, maybe.   There’s no need to pull out the chicken fillets or that gel-filled bra, clever shading techniques and a make-up palette are all you need for a cleavage to die for – next to a boob job, of course. You didn’t spend all the time in the gym to let a plunge bodycon get in the way of showing off your body at its best!