It’s the time of year where your hair can look a little dull, fizzy or damaged from central heating but party season is almost upon us so a hair fix winter inspiration is exactly what your hair needs to go from lifeless to fabulous.

1. Fight the frizz

2a9ecf17392153a0535849105199ef75 Found on Moisture in the air, wind, snow and rain: the joys of the British weather are not kind to fizz-prone hair. Believe us, it is important to prepare for such weather. Moroccan Hair Oil treatment is a must as it creates a barrier between your hair and the moisture to fight the fizz. Add to that a loose braid when you leave the house when commuting to work (take it out upon arrival) and you are left with a frizz-free wave that will have your colleagues green with envy. Buy here now

2. Glitter Parting

a9e2491e576ed3ef461968fa7b2b043e It’s like reliving the 90’s! Adding sparkle to your centre parting will send your mood soaring; great for office drab to office festivities. All you need is a pot of glitter and some gel and be as adventurous as you like. Be warned it’s not as fun to wash out but it does hide a root and let’s face it we are all a little skint this time of year.

3. Short Hair Don’t Care

Well not quite.. we all love the long princess beach waves of summer but be brave and take the plunge and go short for winter. Maybe not that short more middy length - think Khloe Kardashian’s new do. It will do wonders for the health of your hair and will be easy to grow back for summer. Shorter often means easy to maintain and with effortless waves it is a winner this season.

4. Steal her style

When you think of Ariana Grande you think of her signature half up half down hair do. This is perfect for winter as you are still showing off your tresses but you have the safety of a sleek pony if you get caught in the rain.

5. Slick sweepback

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.07.35 Found on It’s a busy time of year for everyone; dark nights, Christmas shopping, office to Christmas party so we need a quick fix to take you from average to amazing in minutes. The slick sweepback is perfect for any hair length and to make it even more amazing the dirtier your hair the better. Use a matt wax rather than a high shine gel as it will look effortless rather than just stepped out the shower.