1. Confidence

01 You are beaming with confidence! Nothing gets you down and you are half way to becoming the Disney princess at the end of the movie because you’re that happy.

2. Selfies

  02 You upload a selfie to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook every Tuesday. You are determined to be crowned #MYAGirl one week for #MYASelfie Tuesday. You have several selfies from the weekend saved to your favourites, filtered and ready to go!

3. MYA Space

anigif_enhanced-buzz-16172-1366922845-19 You are addicted to MYA space. The forum has become your second home and you have become a cosmetic surgery specialist with all the advice you are giving out. You’re a pro at knowing about the best sports bras and the best concealer to buy to cover the black eyes following your rhinoplasty.

4. YOU ❤ MYA

04 You mention your procedure and MYA at any given opportunity. For some reason, not all of your friends and family care about your “morning boob” (boob aches in the early stages of healing) but luckily all the girls on the forum are there to support and comment.

5. Your wardrobe has doubled in size

05 Your wardrobe has doubled in size!!! Vaser patients need smaller sizes, Breast enlargement patients need bigger bras, breast reductions need smaller bra’s and Rhino patients are so happy that they treat themselves to a new wardrobe anyway! Can you think of any other signs that you’re a MYA Girl? Tweet us now @MYA_Tweet and we’ll choose our favourite, add it to the list and credit you!