Header: Credit: Shutterstock Beauty products of all kinds can be expensive but it just isn’t an option to go barefaced and greasy-haired to a social gathering where you may run into your future husband or even worse, your ex. You can 100% guarantee that your makeup Must Have’s run out at the same time every month: weeks before pay day and you're strapped for cash. What if we said there are some beauty product Must Have’s that won’t break the bank and may even have you reconsidering your expensive taste... Check out our list of 6 best replacements to consider when you're reaching for the wallet on your next make up stock up.


Mascara It’s a lady's Must Have accessory and every makeup bag's essential item. We know you have your favourite mascara and you often refuse to stray but supermarket chain Asda may have changed the game forever. Asda have introduced makeup by George and this hot pink volumising mascara with thickening effect called “Big Flirt”. We love it and at only £4 it’s steal with trying.

Matt Lip Gloss

It’s all about the Kylie Jenner lip kit so it's the matt lip gloss that everyone wants but no one can get their hands on. It's sold out nationwide and almost £30 so is it worth it? Well we think we can do better. Let us introduce you to NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream: only £5.50 and comes in a huge range of colours named after countries, we are officially obsessed. Available in Superdrug or ASOS, you will struggle to choose just the one.

Night Cream

How you look after your skin at night is equally as important as your daytime ritual. This is why many invest a small fortune on night creams to ensure radiant skin when you wake up. Supermarket giants Aldi have introduced a must have saviour, Caviar, at only £6.99. The luxurious rich moisturiser, with caviar extract leaves your skin silky soft and with anti-ageing abilities, it’s a keeper to our routine.

Dry Shampoo

dry-shampoo For any busy girl, the invention of dry shampoo is a life saver. Despite how much we rely on that little bottle to revitalise our greasy flat locks, it can be an expensive habit. That was until we discovered ASDA’s own brand dry shampoo that come in 3 fabulous fragrances and at £1 a bottle why not try all 3.

Shower Gel

You know how it is, you’re under the warm shower ready for the day ahead and you grab for the shower gel and…..empty! Even the trick of taking the top off and filling it with water to try and muster up some soapy suds doesn’t work. Imagine if you could combine your sugar cravings with a sweet shower sensation. Look no further as Imperial Leather have introduced a sweet range of shower gels ranging from 85p - £1.05 depending on where you shop. Marshmallow is our fav but you can add Fruit Salad, Lemon Sherbet and Spearmint to your collection.   Have you tried any of our swaps or could recommend any of your own? Let us know on social media to continue the discussion.