Header: Credit: Shutterstock Below are our top 6 picks for beauty trends that we can’t wait to get stuck into. This Summer's trends range from the crazy to wonderful. See below:

1. Rainbow Brows

Inject some colour into your life this Summer by rocking the chique-on-fleek trend that is suitable for anyone. The options are endless with colours of your choice to match outfits, hair or mood. All it takes is a steady hand and some bright eye showdown or eye liner and a hint of creativity.

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2. Floral Contouring

A makeup masterpiece or a waste of makeup? Think of the traditional method of contouring but add flowers and floral patterns to the mix. While it's far from the most practical or time-saving technique, it's certainly pretty to look at (until you blend it all in that is).

3. Faux Freckles

You know Summer has arrived when the pale ones start to sprout freckles. Who knew the little kisses of sunshine (my mum used to call them that) we forever tried to hide are now a trend? Even Kendall Jenner took to Instagram sporting what may become the "it" look of the Summer. And while freckles can easily be drawn on using pencil eyeliner, there are even products now that help you get the look in minutes.

4. Unicorn/Rainbow Highlighter

The highlighter game has changed forever; you can now embrace your inner unicorn. When applied to the skin, this palette creates a gradient that reflects different hues in the light
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A photo posted by @bitter.lace.beauty on

5. Sexy Slick Surfer Hair

A new take on the slick back hair trend of 2015, the slick surfer hair is a little more 'undone mermaid'. Use a wide comb to create the slick back wet style with an undone look. The perfect example is Kim Kardashian at this year’s Met Gala

6. Bushy brushed-out brows

We barely have time to brush our hair never mind our brows too. Despite that, the great thing about this trend is the fact it's classic unkept glam. You can grow out your brows so no steady hand needed to keep these brows on fleek. Queen of the brow, Cara Delevingne,has the trend on point so add to it a smokey eye and you have a look that can take you from safe to sassy.