Why is everyone doing couples costumes at the moment? Is Halloween going to turn into another holiday like Valentines Day where a boyfriend is required? Not if we can help it! We're championing the BFF Halloween Costume and we want all the females of the world to unite and take back what this holiday originally stood for - gorging yourself on sweets with your friends. Join us in celebrating the time-honoured BFFriendship with our Top 8 Hottest BFF Halloween Costumes

1. Dancing Girls Emoji

alessandra607 Instagram: @alessandra607 The signature bestie emoji we all use to describe the excitement for a night out. It seems to be the perfect Halloween costume right? Well the fact that you and your partner in crime are not going to be able to stand on one leg all night may cause a problem...

2. Paris and Nicole (The Simple Life)

@kiz_lello Instagram: @kiz_lello That’s right, we're talking about the spoilt socialite best friends that documented their “simple life” in the funniest way possible. Tou can get away with anything dressed as these two. “Loves it” “that’s hot”

3. Anna and Elsa

@disneytwincess Instagram: @disneytwincess Halloween doesn’t just mean scary or slutty - embrace your inner Disney princess! This does mean only one of you can be Elsa and they do say every blonde needs a brunette, so no arguments please.

4. 2 Broke Girls

@gbelzile Instagram: @gbelzile Taking inspiration from the hit American TV show “2 Broke Girls” means you can spend the whole night making other people pay for your drinks whist eating cupcakes!

5. Dionne and Cher

@kaitlin.elaine Dionne-Cher Instagram: @kaitlin.elaine From the very classic Clueless, this was brought back to our attention by Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX video Fancy. You can act like the most popular girls at the party and no one can say a thing (you’re in character). But don’t forget your oversized cell phone and fluffy pen!

6. Christina and Britney

@mollzg23 Britney-Christina Instagram: @mollzg23 A blast from the past but you will fail to disappoint being dressed as these iconic pop princesses of the 90’s. Instagram's Mollzg23 chose Christina in her Dirty phase and Britney's VMA 'Slave 4 U' get-up but the outfit options these ladies are endless. You could even do the famous 3-way wedding dress outfits with Madonna (you need another friend though)

7. Effie Trinket & Katniss Everdeen

@samanthamcgowan Effie-Trinket-Katniss-Everdeen Instagram: @samanthamcgowan Good vs Evil is best represented by this awesome combo. With so many costume options, super fans of the blockbuster Hunger Games movies will be in awe of your efforts.

8. White & Black Swan

@taghrid Instagram: @taghrid Pretty and effective, the Black and White Swan choice will show off amazing makeup skills, girly costumes and at times embarrassing attempts at ballerina moves. Are you dressing up with your BFF this Halloween? Make sure you share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and we'll make sure to include you in this amazing list!