The excitement has all lead to this day: the day of your breast enlargement, everyone has told you that your post-op journey will be somewhat of a roller coaster of emotions and there is a reason why. As women, we struggle being patient (like when we shake the presents under the Christmas tree). Unfortunately the healing process of a breast enlargement requires a lot of patience! When it comes to your recovery, your boobs will not be perfect or show the final result as soon as you wake up in the hospital bed. It is important to be patient, be aware of the healing process and how they will change. The healing process will differ from patient to patient and breast to breast. Below is a visual diagram describing the shape changes your newly augmented breasts will undergo. For the first week some patients may have strapping covering the breasts. This is a personal preference for some MYA surgeons so you are unable to see your result as of yet; you are just very aware they are larger and sit very high on your chest. For patients who can see their breasts, they will appear “cone like”. Your nipples are enlarged and protruding due the skin and breast tissue being stretched. This will also cause the skin to look shinny and tight. The implants will sit visibly high on the chest wall. All of these symptoms are normal and will settle over the following weeks. This is also the week where “boob greed” usually sets in you start to think “have I gone big enough” or “I should of picked the larger implant”. It is important to be patient, you are a few weeks away from your final result.

Week 3 - 8

Your body has begun to adjust to the implant. Your breasts are now undergoing the process of “dropping and fluffing”. This is where the implant begins to settle into place and lower fullness increases and upper fullness decreases. It is important to be aware that one breast may go through this process faster than the other and  asymmetry is common during the healing process. It is important not to panic even though this is an odd phase to go through! Nipples/ areola will become less pronounced and swollen but may still be erect during these weeks of healing. It is important to wear your sports bra for the first 6-8 weeks post-operatively and limit touching your breasts during this time as this will assist with the best possible result.

Final Results

You will be expected to see your final results anywhere from 6 weeks - 3 months. The healing process varies so much between patients that we cannot give a fixed timeframe. You will typically see your final results at week 6, which is when you see your nurse for your final post-op appointment. At this point you will be able to stop wearing your sports bra and start wearing under-wire bras. If you have any questions about the recovery process following a breast enlargement, why not check out our Forum where you can speak to hundreds of real breast enlargement patients who can answer all of your questions.