MYA's mission is to change the perspective of cosmetic surgery

The social stigma and misconceptions surrounding cosmetic surgery are still apparent in today’s society and this is something MYA are passionate about changing.

Cosmetic surgery is often seen as vanity and the psychological and emotional connection is totally misunderstood and underestimated. The preconceptions of others and the media can have a massive impact on a patient, with many patients feeling like they have to hide their procedure from friends and family, in fear that they will be judged.

The media’s portrayal of cosmetic surgery only focuses on the shocking ‘botched’ procedures and celebrity horror stories, and totally disregards the ‘regular’ people having procedures and their amazing stories and emotional, life changing journeys that they embark on daily.

The video below is a short montage of some of the wonderful patients we have at MYA, talking about their personal experiences and the cosmetic surgery journey they have undertaken as well as the MYA community they have become part of.

MYA’s aim is to change the attitude towards the industry by sharing and promoting stories of real men and women who have been through the journey, overcome the stigma and experienced positive and empowering changes in their life.

Emily, Rhinoplasty:

"Before my procedure I lacked confidence, I would never take a photo of myself from the front and I didn’t feel comfortable wearing my hair tied up in public. Since having my procedure, I finally feel confident and I no longer worry about hiding my face behind my hair or my hands. Going ahead with surgery is one of the best decisions I've ever made and has completely changed my life, nothing compares to being able to say that I finally feel comfortable in my own skin."


Sherrifa, Breast Enlargement:

"I am a very confident woman but there was always just that one thing that held me back and made me feel self-conscious. Having a breast enlargement changed my physical appearance but mentally it has made such a big change in my life. The only thing I regret about getting this procedure done is not doing it sooner and letting the stigma around cosmetic surgery slow me down!"


Have Your Say!

Have you experienced stigma and judgment due to having cosmetic surgery? Did you find this video eye-opening and has it changed your perception of the industry?

We love hearing your thoughts on the matter, please get in touch to let us know your comments!

Love MYA x