Header: Credit: Shutterstock When the topic of cosmetic surgery comes up in conversation there will always be a split of opinion; this is often due to the stigma involved and the stereotypical cosmetic surgery patient. Many people misunderstand the reasoning behind why patients choose to have surgery. Once they understand the reasoning behind the life-changing decision, they become more receptive to the idea. It is a common misconception that because cosmetic surgery is not a necessity, young women are wasting their money, although this is far from the truth! When speaking with patients and understanding their reasoning for having cosmetic surgery, it usually stems from low confidence, rather than striving for a fake-breasted look. The majority of our patients are not having procedures to gain attention or to pursue a career within the glamour industry, but to gain self-confidence.

  “I had my procedure on the 6th December and I’m just coming up for 6 weeks, which only means 1 thing…no sports bra! All my life I was incredibly insecure about my boobs and although I was with my boyfriend 3 years he only saw them once. Mainly because he laughed at them because they were ‘weird’ ! I’m sure you girls can imagine how much that hurt. Safe to say, that relationship didn’t last much longer! Now I’m 21 and financially stable, I thought it was about time I did something to make myself happy so decided to get my boobies done! Safe to say, best decision I’ve ever made. Now I’m in an amazing relationship and after being proposed to on Christmas Day after a year and a half I revealed my puppies to him for the first time and boy what a reaction! I had slight tubular breasts and roughly a 32B (small B) I had 300cc high profile unders and I believe I am a big C / small D” - Francesca - MYA Space Community member

 Cosmetic surgery isn’t all about breast enlargements; at MYA we have patients from all walks of life who all have their own personal reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. Although many of these patients would prefer to keep it private, it doesn’t mean that the procedure hasn’t dramatically improved their lives. Recently, we had an ex-rugby player visit our clinic who was due to get married. The patient was worried about how his protruding ears would look in his wedding photos. The lack of confidence regarding the appearance of his ears had been a long-term issue and due to his professional rugby career, he let the stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery keep him from enquiring. Since having the ear reshaping procedure this patient is over-joyed with his results and now happily married. MYA also have patients like Joanne, a single mother in her 30’s. Joanne wanted a tummy tuck to feel comfortable wearing a swimming costume, to take her kids swimming on a family holiday in Florida. After going ahead with the procedure, Joanne had a wonderful family holiday, feeling confident around the pool.

“I had my tummy tuck done and liposuction, I feel fab I can't believe the difference it has made to my confidence” - Joanne - MYA Facebook Page

tummy-tuck-before-and-after Malcom had his upper and lower blephs (eye bags) removed when he was in his 60’s. Malcom wanted to do something for himself and didn’t want to wait any longer. A few months after his procedure, Malcom met with his GP who saw such a difference in him. This procedure has done a world of good for Malcom’s confidence, as well as reversing the years and keeping him looking fresh faced. https://www.mya.co.uk/mya-space/patient-stories/ Many patients find that they are faced with negativity when approaching family and friends regarding a cosmetic procedure. This can partly stem from the fact that they do not want their loved ones undergoing surgery that can carry risks. Cosmetic surgery is a private and difficult subject to talk about with loved ones so we created a handy Patient and Partner Guide to give you all the information to prove you are making an informed choice. It may be too difficult or awkward to invite a family member to attend one of your consultations so giving them this guide may help.

Click here to view the parent and partner guide.