We all know and openly discuss procedures that are perceived as “normal” such as a breast enlargements or nose jobs. These procedures come up in conversation amongst friends and work colleagues on a daily basis. It would be normal for Jan from accounts to brag about her new breast enlargement and everyone to congratulate her saying how much they suit her figure and how she seems so confident and happy. Whereas genital procedures such as a labiaplasty or vaginal tightening (often referred to as a “designer vaginas”) are a lot less likely to be discussed on a lunch break or even at all. As the below inforgaphic shows, it is becoming increasingly popular with a rise of 10% between 2013 - 2014. designer-vagina-02 24 year olds are most likely to have a designer vagina procedure. This age is not surprising as contributing issues will have been present in a patient’s teens but now in their 20’s, patients tend to be more financially stable and can therefore afford the procedure. The beginning of summer is an ideal time for patients as they are thinking about summer holidays and how self-conscious they feel in swimwear so moving forward in June means they will be healed in time for their summer holidays. As 32% of procedures occur in the summer, there is a clear importance placed on feeling confident on the beach.