Header: Credit: Shutterstock Do you think you may have saggy breasts? It's more common than you think and surgeons will actually grade the degree breast 'ptosis', or breast sag, as it is more commonly known. Your surgeon will be able to determine the best breast procedure for you based on the grade of sag. Breasts can sag for many reasons and at all ages due to weight loss, pregnancy or ageing. You can determine your own grade by carrying out this simple at home technique, which will help to give you an idea prior to your surgeon consultation. This guide will give you a pretty good indication of how saggy your breasts are but professional advice may differ.

DIY Breast Sag Guide

1. Find a ruler. 2. Take your top and bra off and find your inframammary crease (fold line just under your breasts where they meet your chest). 3. Place the ruler in the crease, directly against the junction of the breast and ribcage. 4. Let your breasts hang over the ruler and look at yourself in a mirror. The ruler marks your breast crease.

Grade 1 = Mild Ptosis

01 If your nipple is slightly above or directly in front of the top of the ruler, you may have Grade 1 ptosis. This is considered mild ptosis or mild breast sag.

Grade 2 = Mild to Moderate

02 If the central point of your nipple is 1 to 3 cm below the top of your breast crease, you may have Grade 2 ptosis. This is considered mild to moderate breast sag.

Grade 3 = Severe Ptosis

03 If the central point of your nipple and your areola (area that surrounds your nipple) is more than 3 cm below your breast crease, you may have Grade 3 ptosis. This is considered severe breast sag.


04 Pseudo-ptosis occurs when the nipple is still above the inframammary crease but the breast appears to droop. This is common in women following breastfeeding.

Mild Ptosis and Asymmetry

05 If your breasts sit too low on your chest wall or your areola has stretched out, this is considered mild ptosis with asymmetry.

Low Breasts

07 Some breasts can sit relatively low on your chest wall with no sagging.   If you have found that you have any of the above breast shapes and wish to alter them, then the next step is to arrange a free consultation with a MYA breast specialist. Our surgeons will then determine the best procedure for you. It could just be a straight forward breast enlargement, and uplift (mastopexy), an augmented mastopexy (uplift and implants) or even a nipple lift. To arrange a free consultation please call 03330141014or complete our online enquiry form for a free call back.