Ever wondered if having bigger boobs makes you more desirable to the opposite sex? We did too so we decided to run a boob-based Catfish-style social experiment on Tinder. Tinder allows you to create a profile and search for sexy singles in your area. You swipe right if you like what you see and want to talk more or left for “omg, definitely not for me!”. Now you’re hoping the hotty you swiped right to also swipes right on your profile so you can start your blossoming romance. Because we're in the business of breasts, we wanted to know exactly what men really think of bigger boobs. We tested the UK men of Tinder to see what really matters to them when judging the opposite sex. We created two identical Catfish profiles of a typical 23-year-old girl from Manchester, UK and we called her “Carla”. Everything about the two profiles was kept exactly the same (including location and preference) apart from one pretty obvious difference. Carla’s first profile was sporting an A-cup bust whereas Carla’s bustier second profile was a DD cup. The difference between the two versions of Carla were really quite stark when compared side by side, but would our boys pay any attention to her cup size if came across one of the profiles on it's own? That's what we wanted to find out. We set up two Tinder profiles for Carla A and Carla DD - the name, age, bio, location were all the same. The only difference was the size of Carla's bust in her profile pictures. We indiscriminately swiped right to 1,000 men posing as both as A-cup Carla, and DD-cup Carla in two different profiles, and waited patiently for our matches to come rolling in. As an attractive girl it wasn't long before our Tinder men wanted to know more about our two beauties.

The results

A-cup Carla received 602 matches and DD-cup Carla 809 matches - that's 207 more. It means that all other things being equal, 34% of Tinder men prefer the bigger busted Carla and that by going up just one cup size increases a female’s attractiveness in the eyes of men by 9% (at least in this experiment).   On a serious note, while this was a fun experiment, it's important that if you're seriously considering breast enlargement that you do so for your own body confidence and personal choice, not to please the opposite sex. Because let's be honest, men like all boobs, whatever the shape and size.