Today we are celebrating National Cleavage Day! Personally we believe it should be celebrated 365 days of the year but why can’t there be a special day to promote a woman’s ample chest? It’s not like there is a great deal happening between Christmas & Easter and summer seems so far away. So in honour of National Cleavage Day we want to share our top 5 Celeb who are not shy of showing off their assets

Rita Ora

Likes to bare all and her cleavage is no exception, whether that is on live TV or in a selfie!

Kim Kardashian

There is no hiding the fact that Yummy Mummy Kim Kardashian likes to make everyone aware of her amazing chest. How lucky is Kanye?!

Katy Perry

Pop princess and sex kitten, Katy has some of the most outrageous cleavage baring outfits, and we love them all.

Christina Hendricks

Star of Mad Men and one of the world’s most famous red-headed actresses; it’s hard to hide Christina’s cleavage.

Holly Willoughby

The natation’s favourite presenter, mother and all round sweetheart with the cleavage to match.   Head over to the MYA site to see amazing before and afters of MYA breast enlargements.