Iggy Azalea the blonde Aussie rapper has revealed to the iconic fashion magazine ‘Vogue’ that she recently had a breast enlargement. The 24 year old was probed in the interview, if she could change something about her body what would it be? She responded by saying “I did change something: four months ago I got bigger boobs! I’ve thought about it my entire life”. Iggy explained she was tired of padding her outfits. We are sure a lot of MYA girls can relate to buying padded bras and feeling restricted in their outfit choice prior to their procedure. Celeb’s often deny having cosmetic surgery procedures, Iggy did think about keeping it a secret as she didn’t want her younger fans to feel bad about their bodies. She explained “I wasn’t into secret-keeping”. We believe she will be respected by her fans and peers for being open about doing something for her own self confidence. Recently the female rapper removed herself from Twitter and Instagram after trolls inundated her social media with negative comments, following bikini pictures of the star with cellulite hitting the internet. We applauded her twitter response “ Just got back from a great vacation, come online and saw apparently its shocking and unheard of to be a woman and have cellulite lol” No Iggy, it makes you human!