Hi everyone, my name is Jodë and I'm taking over the MYA blog today to tell you about my rhinoplasty story. 1 Before I decided I wanted rhinoplasty as I didn't like the bump in my nose, it wasn't straight from the front, my tip was droopy and I had big nostrils. I didn't like my side profile at all that was a big insecurity for me. All my family have been so supportive, they completely understood why I wanted the procedure done. My parents were just worried about me being able to afford it which brings me to how I've funded my surgery. I applied for a bank loan, which was accepted, so as soon as that was confirmed I knew I was definitely going ahead with it! 2 I saw MYA on a TV advert and I also searched rhinoplasty online which then listed the MYA website. I then had a read and shortly after called up to book my consultation. Everyone is so friendly and helpful I couldn't be happier I chose MYA! My consultation was amazing and so informative, I got all the questions I had answered. Mr Giannitrapani is amazing; he told me exactly what he could do for me. I left feeling so excited and couldn't wait to book my date in! I can't speak highly enough of Mr Giannitrapani, he has given me the nose I've always wanted and the confidence boost is the best feeling! I was so nervous the day of my procedure, which of course was to be expected. 3 I arrived at the hospital, checked in, then waited for the nurse to come and collect me. I felt very looked after - I can't thank the nurses enough for how friendly and caring they were! It really helped ease my nerves! As soon as I got to my room I got into my gown and stockings, went to get measure and weighed and then Mr G came into my room to have a chat with me. He told me what he was going to do, talked me through it and took some pictures. 4 My recovery went very smoothly. I took arnica which helped bring out my swelling and bruising. I didn't experience any pain at all! Anytime I had any questions I called up and there was always a nurse to speak to. They were always there for a chat and to reassure me; the aftercare is amazing! I am SO SO happy with my results, it's exactly what I wanted and more! I am so thankful I finally have a nose that suits my face and I can say 'I LOVE my side profile!'. 5 I have really enjoyed my experience with MYA, every step! There is always someone to speak to no matter what the question is. I definitely would recommend MYA to anybody considering cosmetic surgery, it has been the best decision I ever made! Thank you to the whole MYA team!! 6 Jodë xx

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