One of the most common questions asked by breast enlargement patients at MYA is “how will it affect the sensation in my nipples?” Nipple Sensation can vary from patient to patient and can even be different from your left to your right breast as you need to think of them as two separate procedures that heal at different rates. Changes in sensation usually last 6 - 18 months; following this they tend to go back to normal. What causes it? Nerve endings can be disrupted during surgery so the risk can be greater the larger the implant is. The implant causes stretching and thinning of the skin, which can cause loss in nipple sensation. Thin skin is an issue that affects older woman so our older patients considering a breast augmentation could be more prone to the risk of lack of sensation. Hypersensitive and De-Sensitivity of the nipples Hypersensitivity (increased sensitivity) can be common for patients in the early stages of healing. Soft sports bras and loose clothing can make this period more comfortable. MYA patients commonly describe the feeling as though you are on your menstrual cycle; when your nipples are extra sensitive and uncomfortable to touch. Some surgeons advise massaging the area as this can speed up the return of previous sensation and help blood flow. It is a common misconception that nipple sensation will completely disappear following a breast enlargement, which is not the case and in fact very unlikely. For more information on the side effects of breast enlargements, give MYA a call on 03330101410 and one of our highly trained advisors will be happy to help you out. Or visit the MYA Breast Enlargement page for our FAQ section, as well as our before and after page.