We all know about the ongoing speculation regarding models that are 'too skinny' or 'promoting anorexia', this debate has been flying around for years. France have surprised everyone by trying to impose a ban on models deemed to be 'too thin'. It was the socialist politician Olivier Veran who has put forward attempts to instigate the rules regarding weight checks on models and would require them to have a BMI of 18 and above. Breaches of this would result in fines of up to £60,000, with up to six months in jail! In an attempt to defend this particular modelling specification, the Russian fashion model Natalia Vodianova famously said, 'It's better to be skinny than to be fat.' It is understandably wrong to promote eating disorders and we can see that it is extremely destructive to showcase an unhealthy body image when representing a fashion house. Cosmetic surgery, as well as the modelling industry has also been at the brunt of speculation regarding lowering confidence amongst young girls. Here at MYA we are big believers in promoting self-esteem! Our MYA girls are super healthy and vary in size. We aim to shape the body using Vaser liposuction, breast enlargements, rhinoplastys to boost your confidence and give you the sexy shape you desire. We celebrate the female body in everything we do! We believe self-esteem comes in all shapes and sizes but for those who wish to enhance their natural features, cosmetic surgery is an option. Cosmetic surgery can be a great way to change aspects of your body you would like to improve but we require patients to be fit and healthy before progressing. As opposed to catwalk models, here at MYA we ask that you have a BMI of above 18 before you can progress with surgery. People with a low BMI could be receiving insufficient nutrients to sustain proper bodily functions. This can result in health complications: bone loss, cardiac problems, low BP and decreased immunity. It is important to check blood levels at pre op stage (including white and red blood cells). Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 15.15.55Do 'skinny' models promote low self-esteem amongst young girls and women? We would love to know your thoughts on this particular subject. Let us know by posting your comments either below, or on our Instagram @MYAcosmeticsurgery You can also check us out on our Twitter page @MYA_Tweet. Author: Lisa Thompson Photo: nypost.com