All patients scheduled for an operation with MYA will be required to carry out a viral PCR swab test for COVID-19 and return it to us within the required timeframe. Patients must have a negative PCR test 72-48 hours before admission to hospital. 

How to find your Priority Postbox

  1. You will be asked to post your sample in one of the 30,000 Royal Mail priority postboxes around the UK.
  2. You can find your nearest priority postbox on the Royal Mail website.
  3. Enter your postcode and locate your nearest Priority Postbox (make sure you click 'priority postbox' and the icons are postboxes)
  4. Check the Last Collection Times and make sure your sample is dropped off ahead of this time
  5. As you will be isolating ahead of your procedure, ensure a relative (not you) drops off your testing kit at a Priority Postbox


How to spot a Priorty Postbox

Note: NHS logos will be added to priority postboxes over the coming weeks