We were approached by Vicky a few months ago, and like all our patients, made priority of her needs and desires as a patient and individual. We were familiar with Vicky’s weight loss journey due to her relationship with the press and presence within the public eye. As one of the main and most predominant characters on hit MTV show Geordie Shore, on the surface it would seem that Vicky’s self-confidence is sky high. However, it was as soon as her first consultation with one of our Patient coordinators at the MYA Fitzroy in London that we learnt of her insecurities. Vicky had made such an extreme transformation prior to approaching MYA, having lost 3 stone, and dropping 5 dress sizes to a tiny size 6. To hear her express her angst and dissatisfaction towards her breasts that she felt didn’t represent all of her hard work was very saddening. Vicky felt as though she had lost all volume and her breast had become uneven due to the dramatic weight loss which a lot of woman can relate to.  At MYA, we believe that all of our patients are deserving of 100% happiness and confidence within themselves, and we are proud to assist them in this pursuit. Known for her bubbly and outgoing personality, we wanted to give Vicky the breasts to match this persona, and give her the results that she had hoped for from her weight loss. Vicky met with one of MYA’s specialist cosmetic surgeon Dr Frati and made the decision to go ahead with the recommended breast enlargement and a uni-mastopexy, uplift on just one of her breasts to correct some asymmetry. Breast augmentations are by far our most popular procedure, and in 2013, we performed a staggering 2,063 within the year. The procedure is ideal for women seeking a larger or more pert appearance to their chest, who may feel that they lack in volume due to weight loss, childbirth or ageing for example. Our key-demographic is 18-35 year old females who take pride in their appearance and like to look their best. At 26-years-old, a budding entrepreneur having released her own fitness DVD and designing her own clothing range for independent online retailer, Honey Boutique, Vicky embodies everything that we here at MYA like to promote. Confidence, ambition and originality, and we wish Vicky every success in her future endeavours. She looks Amazing, and we are proud to have her as a MYA representative  

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